Have a spooky time at the World Champions Esmeralda scratch game

If you are bored with traditional scratch and win cards and also want a thrilling change in your online scratch games menu then you can truly have a spooky time at the World Champions Esmeralda scratch card game. This scratch card game might have a dark theme but the prizes will surely light up your face with a smile, especially if you manage to lay your hands on the frighteningly huge 200,000 Pound Jackpot.

You can start playing this spooky game by firstly registering yourself at reliable betting websites such as primescratchcards and scratch2cash. This move will ensure that your data, your account, and your winnings will be safe from prying eyes that scour the World Wide Web in search for some easy money. You will also be rewarded by playing at these sites with juicy opening bonuses that will allow you to try your luck at winning this witch-themed game without putting up your own money for the first few games. Once you get the hang of this wonderfully infectious game then you can certainly aim to turn into World Champions while happily laying your hands on the huge 200,000 jackpot prize.

Once you are quickly registered at the above sites then you can start playing the World Champions Esmeralda scratch card game. You will be able to observe 2 rows of 8 cards each that all display a silhouette of a flying witch on your screen. You will need to ensure that you get matching pairs of cards in the upper and lower rows to earn huge amounts in prizes. You will need to choose the number of pairs that you wish to bet on along with the amount of your bet before you start clicking on the chosen cards. These cards will rotate and reveal the actual colors of the clothes of the withes at close quarters. You will thus need to match a witch wearing a green dress with another of the same color or a witch in an orange dress with another in the bottom row, etc.

You will surely be impressed with the excellent graphics along with matching eerie musical sound effects in the background that makes this game great fun to play while you also get a high chance of winning some really serious money too. You can also multiply your fun and your winnings by playing with all 8 pairs of cards at once although you can easily play even with a single pair. The amount of your bet as well as the amount of your Total Wins will also be displayed at the bottom of your screen. You can also choose the Max Pairs option to display the results of all 8 pairs at once if you are too impatient to click on each pair.

If you are too frightened to learn about your fate by clicking on the chosen pairs or cards and placing each bet manually, you can choose the Autoplay option after choosing the number of games that you wish to play along with the amount of the total bet. You will now be able to witness your results automatically as each game is played before your quivering hands and the winnings are deposited into your own account at the bottom of the screen. This thrilling game is much better than physically scratching on scratch out tickets even as you wait impatiently to uncover the winning scratch off tickets at the ticket store.

If you truly want some excitement along with tons of money while playing online scratch card games then you should certainly register yourself at sites such as prime scratchcards and scratch 2 cash. A few clicks can help you start playing Esmeralda and a few more clicks might just help you win the massive 200,000 Pound jackpot prize even as you have a spooky time at the World Champions Esmeralda scratch card game.