Enjoy the carnival mood at the Triple Carnival scratch card game

If you love online scratch card games that allow you to sway to wild musical beats then you will surely enjoy the carnival mood at the Triple Carnival scratch card game. In addition to enjoying great music you also stand multiple chances of winning huge amounts of money in this fast-paced online scratch game.

The Triple Carnival stands out from other scratch card games simply due to its fun carnival theme that displays exotic beauties that will compel you to try your luck at winning huge amounts in prizes including the massive 100,000 Pound jackpot prize that could easily fund a trip to experience an actual carnival. You can easily locate this colorful and mesmerizing online scratch game at reputed websites such as scratch2cash and primescratchcards where a few clicks can enable you to receive free online scratch cards that can be used to play your first few games for free.

The game opens up to a carnival scene with 3 dancing beauties in the background along with 3 casino-type slots with 3 reels each in the foreground. You can play all 3 slots at once to boost your chances of winning and can place bets with as low as 25P although the huge 100,000 jackpot can be won only when you have placed a 10 Pound bet. The objects on the rotating reels also feature the carnival theme and you will be able to notice drums, cocktails, and of course the number 7, among other objects rotating furiously once you have placed your bet and hit the Spin button. If the objects line up in a winning manner then you could win thousands of prized including the much-coveted 100,000 Pound jackpot prize that will be more than enough to fly with your loved ones to an actual carnival in Brazil.

In comparison, scratching away at traditional scratch out tickets will now seem totally boring as you would anyway need to drive to various ticket stores, physically buy paper tickets and waste precious time and paper while scratching those tickets in a bid to locate those winning scratch off tickets. Online scratch games including the wonderful Triple Carnival scratch card game offer total convenience to play at any time of the day or night without even stepping out of your home. You will also receive attractive starting bonuses on websites such as scratch 2 cash and prime scratchcards and your winnings will get automatically deposited in your account at these websites that will be displayed at the bottom of the screen along with your bet amount when you happily play this thrilling game.

Although the results at Triple Carnival are declared at an instant you can further speed up the game by choosing the Max Bet and Play Max option that will turn all the 3 reels at once. A chart on the side of your screen will also display the amounts that you could win based on the objects that line up after a spin. If you are truly lucky and get three 7 numbers in a row then you could start planning your next vacation to Brazil while dancing with joy in your home at the same time.

Online scratch n win card games offer convenience and fun due to a large variety of themes in such games. You too should try out Triple Carnival as it displays a colorful extravaganza that will instantly transport you right into the midst of a virtual carnival based right inside a casino. You can certainly enjoy the virtual carnival mood at the Triple Carnival scratch card game even as you plan a visit to an actual carnival with your winnings.